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f                                               FtORA   JN/01CA.

tiny of a few of the. points under a microscope, lie has made
real progress as an observer. This, we maintain, is no more
botany, lhan performing chemical experiments is chemistry, or
star-^iwn*^ astronomy. A sound elementary kiuwledive ol
\ctfctal )le physiology is essential to the; naturalist, and should
indeed Jjc a branch of general education, as it requires nothing
but ikir powers of obscnatkm and an ordinary memory to ac-
quire it. For the student to confine- his ;ittentio, *o this
knowledge of the vegetable \\orld, and to try and improve*
upon it by crude experiments of his own, undertaken in i^no-
riuiiic of the branches of pure botany \ve ha\e enumerated, is u
very rational amusement, hut.-notliin^ more.

A review of the progress oT the science in Knjrlaud dunnj;
the last fifty years, proves indisputably, that more botanists
\\ere made, by the thorough ground in^ in classification u>
which all students \\err formerly subjected, than by the | ur-
gent method of commencing in.slruction with anatomy and
physiology, organic cliemistry, the use ol compound unrro-
settpc&, and similar abstruse subjects, \vhlch arc m\Mcric> t<>
the majority of students. The latter arc uutccu, in too nt;m\
case?, perfectly ignorant of the elements of natural *oienv,
S.nJ require tmine practical acquaintance uilh piimls ;nd their
OrgHns, before they can appreciate* the relations of i!e different
brynchp# of botany to one another, -or diNeriminate he( \\ren
what it is essential to understand (ir.M, and uhat is hcttcr
acquired ai'ifrrwante. W^re the elenu*nts of ffpkiu*f (nn^lit at
Schools, this \\ould not be so : we should then have the stu-
dtfrtt presenting himself a< th botanical lectures fully pivpnrn!
il)l*thC more dillicult branches of the M-icin-c, and for waking
that progress in them for whJph the prufcssor*$ aid is indis-
pensable. A sound practical kno>\Icd* of system we hold t
lie un e^cntiaJ pCcliminary to the study <f the physi<{o^\ ot*

jKc,tion of thft xaturij System, 'as iUustr*t<rf t by mf(iioinl (ttuittr. :irn!
pwp**ti,    Phi- botunicai clu^s \voitht twH *hjn tecoMU'Wl,  it imw
vt*hiiU<r ?- ,ft timf* thrown niray, niitl nn mtFrtiivayc \vth U^f !c^M<i'l;tt^ ^
ot th   lutnlkift' "tn^nt, n -pinion fUw> *he>'biiy itian of